I am writing a story about a girl who is not me, though she lives in my house with my  dog, though she spends long hours of the day staring out the window… Continue reading


New year, frozen pipes, All the cabinets open, hairdryers  blowing, hope.  My feet are cold, I just came down, I’m trying to wake up.  It’s fourteen degrees in Tennessee, you’re on your belly… Continue reading


I don’t believe in God but I  do believe that ghosts can hear my thoughts, that dead people are tuned in like a radio, that they get a notification whenever I think bad… Continue reading


You post a picture of your Missing son and I can tell by his Face that he is already dead, that he was left Shot and bent over some gate on some Dead… Continue reading


This is not a breakthrough it’s the  Hard fucking work.  This is my head on backwards.  This is my mother’s skin and  Toenails, the way I swallow your  Father’s history.  Tomorrow I gather… Continue reading

unknown moon

You press me into rock  a hundred layers,  the years of my life grinding  down to desert sand on an unknown moon.  And if I ever get off this  endless lunar island I… Continue reading

nightmare before

Remember when I was drunk all the time, Raw, a little too Naked. Remember when you drank and broke The closet door, the Window? We had to put That distance between us. I’m… Continue reading

on the side of the mountain

I dream of things crawling in the windows so I stay up all night reading a novel about clones and when I get to the end, I cry. I keep pulling open doors… Continue reading

hickey gap

It’s your turn to go to the trees. You turn into the forest, you were the forest all along. In the forest inside of you there is moss on all sides of the… Continue reading


I am suddenly sick again.  I am up until morning.  I am sequestered.  Drinking too much.  Why did I text you? Everything you heard about me Is a lie, we’ve barely spoken in… Continue reading