I’m a student of English Literature and Creative Writing. I love the smell of old books, and fill up the walls in my house with shelves and shelves of books. I feel like one of the most important things we can do as humans is to read and write.

Maybe I’m prejudiced.

Still, I believe poetry is the pulse of history. We must leave breadcrumbs for those who come behind us on this long road. So I capture words on paper (or more often, these days, on keyboards with mad, rapid clacking). That’s what I always want to do with myself- chase the right word down and wrestle it onto the record.

I’m working on a novel, and these blog posts are the bits that fall away from the beast, the thoughts worth leaving somewhere (or sometimes, not). I want to write about books I’ve read, write short fiction & pieces of longer fiction & poetry, experiment with ideas, get feedback, and blow off steam with this blog.

Welcome. 🙂