I have a sharp piece, An open window, this Rough damn night.  Every single breath you take And the rain coming in the window Etch me here.  I am a split peach or… Continue reading

Well maybe things got fucked up I mean more than just skin

Here’s an early version of Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse. So far today, it’s all I have for you.


Can’t sleep, came down, it’s cold out.  I keep thinking that I can put things down here in a way that will work me through.  I am head over feet.  Lips chapped lost… Continue reading


This shit is a poor foundation On which to build a life. 


I talk a lot about your mouth and the way it moves.  I have to step between my balled-up underwear and a condom wrapper to go to the bathroom every morning when you’re… Continue reading

Here is a poem that is not about the new year 

We could throw a party for you.  I want to I want to I want You. I feel barely broken in.  I was like this and little a long time ago.  I was… Continue reading


Maybe by the time you shape me into something exactly right, I’ll realize I can be loved for what I am.  But how could you? Come on. I am scarred and wound tight… Continue reading


You wanted a prize fight Well you got one.  You wanted to suck out all of the juice.  I just wanted a quiet place Another state A night alone.  I made a lifetime… Continue reading

a compass can point to whatever you want

These are the cheap tricks you like so well. The twist, the hook, the bass line. I seek you out always, always. The flash of your teeth in the dark. The curl of… Continue reading


I don’t want you for anything. Not what you can give or take away. I want you for the wrong reasons but they are thick good meaty reasons, I don’t want anything from… Continue reading