enough talk about the pine trees

I want your mouth at the bottom of the trap.  Can I bite down, can I  Hold on? You must taste like An entire forest.  I don’t touch your Mother or your meanness. … Continue reading

burger boy

Seeing you feels like a dream now when I think about it, One where I am moving through a familiar place and see a familiar person but can’t put two and two together.… Continue reading

blood star

There’s the big, red, open mouth of the machine. In the jungle, eating all your children.

something else

I guess I had to jump right into it. Starting without knowing is hard enough. Like blindfolded, like cliff-side. Like loose rocks. All I remember about you now are those ten-foot velvet curtains… Continue reading


You wear your mother’s red crinoline and nothing else. You watched a cardinal with a broken wing drown in the birdbath- you were ten years old. Like holding your hand over fire, this… Continue reading


Currently putting together an application for a two week writing residency at the Hambidge Center. Nerves, tension. Thus, procrastination.


Your bones are up against my bones like nothing else. This is not the first time I have told you that I want to peel back your skin. There is something for me… Continue reading

late for dinner

I am the ugly one, I’m wearing the hat and the sign and I’m doing the dance. I am the asshole, you know, you know. You thought hello but didn’t look at me;… Continue reading

easter after four

What red lips? Your face like someone took a knife and hollowed you out. I want a mouth full of you. If I were going to kiss and tell about it, it’s your… Continue reading

tunnels in the moon

We’re going to Mars because I can’t find you. I’ve looked. You’re not at the deli, you’re not behind the wall with the mural where the tree grows out. Your mother hasn’t heard… Continue reading