the downstairs

We say that we don’t hear each other even though we do. We won’t admit it. It’s a secret we hold in our mouths like shipwrecked wood. We rub it smooth with our… Continue reading

sunshine, Zoloft. 

I don’t know if Depression or Anxiety has anything to do With not being able to love you, Or if it’s your own bipolar Disorder. Disorder is the Right word for my  World… Continue reading

modern myth

What Am I going  To do With my life, I cannot eat Properly timed Poetic verses.  I cannot drink the stars or the night sky But I still find Plenty of time and… Continue reading


I narrow my eyes to  God, to the  sun and  Everything.  I am washed in the cold water but Not washed clean.  There is no Absolution here.  Every time you close the Door… Continue reading

Exit the bar into your own personal hell. 

You slam me into bricks and your Lips on my neck the way you  Pull at me.  I smoke all day I let your Hands drift over me I let you Leave the… Continue reading


We are planetary bodies separated by Gravity, swollen red bellies Pushing into night. You bit Into me and spilled my Magma core.  And if there is a different Way to love you, I… Continue reading

rain stick flick

I look up all the time at houses These days just as Someone inside turns the lights off, Goes away, goes To sleep. Leaves me In the dark. I am  Fickle falling in… Continue reading

you say meditate I say have you seen the red clay, have you seen the moon

How about a list of the shit I keep forgetting? I wake up every hour, I forget meals.  I’m not sad, this is not about that.  I should write this on paper and… Continue reading

Small dream city tiny thoughtless streets

I want dreams, The world where we are Two-dimensional, Where we are Turning into other people All the time, Where the city is small below us.  We’re in your Dad’s car, it’s Falling. … Continue reading


It’s 1994 and I am  Turning four and Kurt Cobain has recently Holed himself up and got a  Hole in the head, either Put it there himself or his  Wife arranged the details. … Continue reading