the crops we sow will eat us 

Huge insects Undulate and Stir the hot night air.  The dogs sleep on the porch and  Kick their feet and dream of Men in long white coats.  They dream of yellow eyes in… Continue reading

I changed my mind, I want the drugs. 

I know I keep going too far and also Nowhere.  I’m trying to spare us (in my Gray matter I imagine we are In this together)  I want to save us or Me,… Continue reading

I lost the unspoken list of reasons we came up with why not to do this. 

Let’s not talk about what I want (Your legs up against mine, Busted lips from pressing, Give up everything) I know it’s easy for me.  I’ll look away I’ll step back I won’t… Continue reading

sick wit

I want to stretch myself over your sharp edge. We have said everything. I am a void which used to be full of longing. Everywhere you turn my hair is in your face.… Continue reading

got bloody

Hey baby, it’s  Been awhile and I still Miss you sometimes.  I miss what Was and what wasn’t, what Won’t be. Here’s where we Didn’t touch.  Here is where we don’t Get in… Continue reading

wild fire

Two boys in the yard next door Play with toy guns: “Freeze, sucka!” “Come out with your hands up!” In this neighborhood and the Ones around it, there have been Nine people shot… Continue reading

we can see the end

You leave a handprint,  split skin, Acorns to rot in the grass.  Late summer.  I hope I’m over this By then.  I got stretched over your knee and Never came back right.  I… Continue reading

Birds eat breadcrumbs. 

Things spin right back even when I try to move away or maybe Flee because it’s bleeding, all my Want of you. I want to keep on moving backwards. I told you before… Continue reading

hunting for eggs

The Easter when I was sixteen I did so much cocaine I couldn’t breathe through my nose for a week And now I get sinus infections but all I really remember is Everyone… Continue reading

the last in a series about fruit and teeth

If I leave I’m gonna carve out Your mouth and take it with me. Is it enough to be transfixed? I’m coming up short all the time. When you really like a song… Continue reading