tunnels in the moon

We’re going to Mars because I can’t find you. I’ve looked. You’re not at the deli, you’re not behind the wall with the mural where the tree grows out. Your mother hasn’t heard… Continue reading

under covers

It is February all the time; you are coming round the back Your boots chip the ice on the driveway; the scream of the wrought iron stairs. I am thirteen years old and… Continue reading

one of us is echo, one of us is dead

You can tell me what I already know, that I’m an asshole, that I’m a coward who makes eye contact but won’t stop. You can ugly up my face. I don’t touch or… Continue reading


I have been wrapped up in the begets.  My hands don’t find you.  You are right here.  I can’t smell you. I thought it might be one elaborate lie.  I did not recognize… Continue reading


We are giddy with stomach ache, bellies distended. Melting snow in the copper bowl. Sticky fingers. Outside is painful white. There’s a bitter man, there’s a way out. It’s an old refrain. My… Continue reading

shit christmas

I am looking for the name of the man who left me here. We were catching a train to Boston but there’s no rail here. I am left with my suitcase on a… Continue reading

gonna drink, gonna write poems

A left-open knife is bad luck so I don’t want to know how your feet felt cold when you saw it there. No blood, just burnt stuff on the edge, still enough to… Continue reading


I was not enough dead leaves, Back to the bark of the tree; We never even made it out of this one, You’ve been an illusion with an Old violin, A strung-up strung-out… Continue reading

walking wheat field

The year is turning in on itself now. There is not enough water. Everywhere you walked on the lawn turned brown. The next day. And later, we were drinking. I forgot about finding… Continue reading

tornado season

I dreamed about tornadoes again last night. In my dream they were skinny and gray and coming at us from between buildings, they were seeking us out. (Maybe we are watching too much… Continue reading