a compass can point to whatever you want

These are the cheap tricks you like so well. The twist, the hook, the bass line. I seek you out always, always. The flash of your teeth in the dark. The curl of… Continue reading


I don’t want you for anything. Not what you can give or take away. I want you for the wrong reasons but they are thick good meaty reasons, I don’t want anything from… Continue reading

day after Christmas

You tore the shit down off the walls and Broke the window and held the door shut while I tried to get out. You said I would listen and I said I wouldn’t,… Continue reading


I think I’m going to make it through Christmas without responding to your annual text.  It usually comes when you get home from the Ivy League where you are probably teaching as many… Continue reading

funny animal

I am going to dance tonight, You’ve got teeth and legs and go a long way.  You push me up against the back wall, pluck a piece of my hair and tie the… Continue reading

This poem is self-aware. 

I am trying to write every day but the prose doesn’t come out like I want it to.  It hides in my laptop and won’t show its ugly face to anyone but me. … Continue reading


I’m sorry I am Sorry I am Leaving and not soon enough I guess.  Leaving you to it.  Leaving myself where I dropped down in the dirt.  Couldn’t stand up to it anymore. … Continue reading

A scraped knee is nothing but there goes the night. 

I fucked things up for you before you came here, before you looked twice.  Long before you bought stock I had a bloody mouth, it served me right.  Something about insides matching outsides.… Continue reading

another one about the sun

Stalled out not quite winter and every month is the same bath water. Beautiful.  I write the same poem over and over again.  I write about the movement of the sun and your… Continue reading


December this year is warm and smoky.  It is on the tip of your tongue.  I don’t need snow. Carry me to the part where you lay me down.  It’s an everywhere party,… Continue reading