pack of filth

  My love for you has been anachronistic. You keep leaving me behind.  I am cigarette burns in snow drifts and I am discontent,  the musty smell of books, cold tea.  You are… Continue reading


Sick and sad sits in my throat, thick like clotted blood.  It’s tragic; it chokes me.  These terrible things.  I should be quiet but this scream is such a need in me.  Can… Continue reading

five sentence fiction #1

Blood stains in the shower and that metallic smell. My hands are shaking and under the iron, I can smell the ammonia of the bleach. My feet splat in a puddle of bright red blood… Continue reading


No sleep and too much of everything else. I can almost smell the fury, sizzling and cracking in the air like heat lightning.  I wonder what judgement will come rushing down.  We were… Continue reading

11:34 p.m.

It started raining in Georgia after the verdict was read. I wonder if it’s raining in Florida, too.  Is the structure stronger, or is it falling down?

11:26 pm

What is the thing that you say when there’s nothing else, when it’s over and done with, before the darkness comes? And after, is there loss?  I want to lay my head down… Continue reading


I sleep in the rain like little daisies unburying themselves, fresh with dirt and brand new air. I lay on my back, arms and legs flung out, sinking into the mud, pummeled with… Continue reading

flash fiction/Tuesday night

At the gym tonight, I found a homeless woman sleeping in the locker room. I forgot about the treadmill and sat watching her as she mouthed along with her troubled dreams. There was… Continue reading


I’ve made a lot of clumsy things.  My shelves and counters are lined with broken and deformed pottery, patted together, crumpled up ink stained pieces of paper, drips of brown paint. Not brown… Continue reading

instant era

I’m living, I’m sitting here, I’m sending this out right now, this moment, immediate, here. urgent words. Are you hearing me? Hello.