I break away from you sometimes like a little red balloon that has escaped to float up and pop silently in the thinning atmosphere.  I want to kiss you on… Continue reading

more about vegetables

Too much of my own voice. I feel a crave to disconnect, unplug, the unspoken sin of generation Y- quiet.  Produce until it rots. Then stop. 

from bulbs

Taste before you buy.  Run your tongue over things and make sure.  I want to know about the farm where you were grown, where you were doused and tilled and loved.  If I… Continue reading

Old Dave 3/4

The bartender gave me a disapproving look when he set down our last two glasses of whiskey. His eyes lingered on Old Dave’s dirty coat and matted beard. “Is this going on your… Continue reading

five sentence fiction #2

Her feet tangled in the roots of a pine tree and she went sprawling across the slick brown needle carpet. For a second she laid there, gasping like a trapped fox into the… Continue reading


I don’t know what about my unravelling sweaters and raw nerves sends you running. My gnawed fingers, my broken feet, you give me nothing. I want to open my head or let it… Continue reading

mermaid braid

I feel like the sticky sick streaks of sea foam that stretch across the shore sometimes I don’t know when all pieced together with deadly plastic poison particles stewing in our blood.  It… Continue reading

Why Zimmerman Walked

Photo credit: Reuters There’s no disputing the fact that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. That’s probably the only fact proven by this case. I am grieving this morning, like so many Americans and… Continue reading


The living room starts to lighten up to a weak shade of gray and I know I’ve missed my chance to sleep tonight. I am a thousand year old tree this morning, shoulders… Continue reading


I get stuck here a lot, in the in-between time when everyone else is sleeping. I’m afraid of the dark and the quiet and of what comes up when everything is still.  You… Continue reading