Ellie 1/4

Ellie dropped her cigarette and stepped on it as she walked out across the sun-bleached parking lot. There was just one car, a boxy little brown one parked at the far end of… Continue reading

jacob’s ladder

You are too much thick ugly money and I don’t live up to the hype.  I thought that you would always grind up pieces of poetry to make plastic and  leave me in the… Continue reading


you are all amber honey drizzled on my bones, a cold stone piece of wonder, a mossy Mars. If you forget where we went, come back and sleep under the bridge.   


Kiss me on my heart, right here where it beats.  Boiled down to marrow and soul and bits of sweet carrot.  I want to lay on your tongue,  smooth and metal, turning you… Continue reading


This one has nothing to do with you. This is about my life now and fruit in the morning and  then vodka.  This one is not about anything.


Nah, enough, you got lost, get it? Find a way to get the hell out of here. Another city tonight, new air. You lost it all to come and find me there. All… Continue reading


  Baby, if you take it away, I know I’ll love you now. Put down the knife.  I was flinging myself off buildings to get a taste of you, and to get away… Continue reading

Participating for the first time: We Drink Because We’re Poets, Poetry Prompt

Thursday Poetry Prompt #12. via Thursday Poetry Prompt #12. I wear my mother’s honor on my chest,a shining brightly badge, atasteless peach.Dinner burned black to the bottom of the oven,empty bottles, tidy apron,… Continue reading


If you forget everything, remember this.  You are shooting in the dark. You are stumbling, eyes gouged out, brain bleeding. It’s already history, how you went.  


  I can smell the rain coming on the air, breathing down my neck,  hot and wet. I want to be washed clean.