head on

  I miss you sometimes like a warm body that I’m used to. I wonder about your wandering eye and have no chains for you. You could recognize me across the room or… Continue reading


You’ve got too much goddamn poetry in you, baby. I can’t swallow it all, it’s black and wet and gets stuck in my throat. You think you’re a rock star, so many verses,… Continue reading

near the gulf

The sun came up in the French Quarter and you were right there still, your feet in the gutter, finishing off your last cigarette.  My windows were open and I was baking loaves… Continue reading

my mother’s jeans

    I got complacent.  I let myself sit on the curb and cry, smoke a whole pack, sleep with the guy in the bar with the dark eyes watching me.  He left bruises… Continue reading


You know the naked and secret parts of me, intimately.  I don’t know what to say to you  all stripped bare now.  Didn’t you take what you were after and won’t you always?… Continue reading

that year

We talk about the way things used to be. We’re twenty three. Life hasn’t happened to us yet.  Three more years until we know. wish I could tell you. 


I’ve been pulling my teeth out. One a day. That’s how I’m keeping track. I can glue them back in if you ever come back.

On Social Anxiety: Daily Prompt “Party Animals (?)”

Daily Prompt: Party Animal There was a lot of my life when I put myself into uncomfortable situations with strangers during painful social swarmings called “parties.” Back then, parties were a way to… Continue reading

anticipating jesus

  I met him for the first time in an honest-to-god pool hall, he came out of the cigarette smoke like Gabriel and took my hand.  That place was filthy and full of… Continue reading

constant pressing

Gotta get followed, right? Catch the carrot. Isn’t this the most impossible dream, the thing that we were told we’d never have, an audience?