We are planetary bodies separated by

Gravity, swollen red bellies

Pushing into night. You bit

Into me and spilled my

Magma core. 

And if there is a different

Way to love you, I don’t know it. 

I love you raw, tears welling, 

Rib cage exposed. 

You get near me like a forked tongue,

Clean up my brain, leave 

pronged imprints. You are a 

Dark smoky room, a driving beat, a red light. 

I am swaying my hips on the bass line.

I am bared teeth, bare knuckles,

Black eyes. 

I look at you across the room I don’t say


I bite my tongue, my lip, the

Insides of my cheeks. I leave you in peace and I don’t sleep. 

Rain steams off the sidewalk in the city and the light stays

Lit up there where you are 

All red lips. 

I don’t want to think about them on her skin

Anywhere, you might as well

Burn a mark into her cheek.

I can’t look away. 

Look, I’m going back to

Whereever I came from I’m not thinking about

Heart ripped out love,

The way you don’t talk to me anymore. 

I want to climb into your lap, 

I want your hands in my hair I want your

Red lips. 

They can burn me right where my hip bones curve out, right on the

Insides of my thighs, on the

Back of my neck under my hair. 

The truth is I would not want this the wrong way, 

I stepped back, too, I know. 

I stepped up to the edge of your peace but did not cross

Because I’m not out to

Ruin shit

Like my parents before me. 

But I keep dreaming about you and I don’t know what that means. 

In the dreams I have this

Beautiful feeling. 

I want to lash out, I want to lay down. 

 I want to package up these poems,

Bad poems, too many poems, send them

To your place of business, certified,


Make you sign for them. 

I am always going to be standing in the street, in the snow, looking up at you with

Everything and nothing on my tongue. 

You will always be moving away.