rain stick flick

I look up all the time at houses

These days just as

Someone inside turns the lights off,

Goes away, goes

To sleep. Leaves me

In the dark. I am 

Fickle falling in

And out of love

With every 

Blackened window. 

When I was old the

City burned down, made charcoal

Of studios and

Grocery stores, dentists’s offices

In cinders,

The air stained gray. 

It smudged on my face, in my

Deep grooves. 

I laid my baby at the big stone feet

And got younger. 

I cut off a 

Thumb for justice. 

Every blade of grass you bend is

Me bending over the

Blistered table top counting off


I let you slip 

Against the side of the well. 

I let you go


There’s a way I love you that tastes like ink, that turns me 

Blue, that sinks like a stone in my heart.