I changed my mind, I want the drugs. 

I know I keep going too far and also


I’m trying to spare us (in my

Gray matter I imagine we are

In this together) 

I want to save us or

Me, or

You, not

Wreck shit. 

I really don’t know I 

Wish I knew where this comes from

Why I’m all hung up,

Strung out. 

The only idea I’ve

Managed to come up with is

Maybe, it must be

Something on a basic level, 

My lizard brain, something

About you I can 

Taste and not taste. 

And not that my life wasn’t all

Cracked to begin with but I would

Never have left without you

Or at least how you feel in my lungs. 

I don’t want this to be the last time 

I feel it so I left. 

To come to terms with myself and to chase the tug in my hips that I hope

Someone else besides you, someone

With love left for taking,

 Can bring. 

J want to bury myself in you and maybe you’re exactly

What I need to keep me from making some big mistake. 

I’m a fly in amber for you. 

You’re sitting next to me,

You’re behind glass

And I feel everything anyway.