I lost the unspoken list of reasons we came up with why not to do this. 

Let’s not talk about what I want

(Your legs up against mine,

Busted lips from pressing,

Give up everything)

I know it’s easy for me. 

I’ll look away I’ll step back I won’t

Tell you anything I won’t

Sleep. You can have your life

You’re so good and I’m

Sick black fucked up inside. 

Because if you want to talk about

What I want

It’s you. 

Up against the closed door. 

I would be your secret, I would

Let you take me under and 

Leave me there, come back 

Later to lick up what’s left of me. 

I don’t know what it is about your 

Goodness that makes me want to 

Swallow you, beat myself against you,

Break both of our lives in my hands. 

I hope it scares you at least that would be

Some payoff from all this

Scorched earth. 

I don’t know if I love you I just

Want your weight to bear me down. 

I want your breath in sharp bursts, 

Your fingers leaving bruises where I’m soft. 

I want you to push me away so there’s not this metallic yearning,

I could almost forget. 

Or you can bite down, you can

Meet me somewhere 

We aren’t supposed to be. 

You could put yourself in a bad situation,

Put your hand up my skirt. 

You don’t know what I’d do. 

You could take my body outside of the city, 

Where my clothes cling to my skin in the wet new morning. 

You are the city, you are

Hot lights. 

I am feet in the fire I am hands and knees

I am aware of the consequences. 

I am burning like a star and I guess that would make you

Some far-off moon.