sick wit

I want to stretch myself over your

sharp edge.

We have said everything.

I am a void which used to be full of longing.

Everywhere you turn my

hair is in your face.

We took a long trip and we didn’t

get anywhere.

You keep track of all these miles, you sleep with

one eye open.

You sleep with the best intentions

between two thick legs.

I don’t keep up. I don’t want to

know you anymore.

Days like this one I love everything about you.

I want to drive down to the

bottom of the sea.

I want to spend six months

in Iceland

being silent.

I want to put my toes in

all that


I am hungry I am naked I am

everything you want.

You just don’t see me.

I’ve got a raw nerve in my head

right where I used to

always want you.

And whiskey isn’t making me

any duller.

I shine like a

knife under your


like broken stars of windshield on the



I’m going to get my own

four walls and listen

to all our favorite songs and

not say much to

anyone for a while.

If we find our own hearts then

we might have something to barter.