Birds eat breadcrumbs. 

Things spin right back even when

I try to move away or maybe

Flee because it’s bleeding, all my

Want of you.

I want to keep on moving backwards.
I told you before I’ve been
Telling you all along I want
Another life.

It’s nothing against this one I’m just black and white and you’re paint splattered inside my rib cage,

Yellow, pastel pink.

I feel like I’m on a cliff in the blackout.

You could be right in front of my face, you could be

In the ravine.

I might feel your breath on my lips and think it’s the wind, maybe it happens all the time.

Maybe there’s just a pane of glass between us and not a universe.

I am probably eating both of us whole and we don’t know,

We think we’re just living

Arms length in the void.