the last in a series about fruit and teeth

If I leave I’m gonna carve out

Your mouth and take it with me.

Is it enough to be transfixed?

I’m coming up short all the time.

When you really like a song you’ll play it over and over again sometimes twice in a row we’ll listen to the same cd on repeat for a week I know the words by the time we move on whether or not I like the song. 

I take off all of my clothes and paint a picture for you on my stomach like a drive in movie theater where you look inside and see us and we’re happy. 

But the soundtrack is all songs about rain and you play it over and over for weeks. There’s this one part about a 

Red rain coat. 

I got the images stuck in my teeth. 

I want to be unhinged, if I could flay myself, filet

Myself into two long pieces with nothing in the middle I might jumpstart. 

I want a chair tied to a million balloons but for real this time, I could ride it like a chariot over the smog belt. 

I want an empty room all windows and wooden floors. 

I am burning up on re-entry and you are the blue ocean. 

I am petrified.