funny animal

I am going to dance tonight,

You’ve got teeth and legs and go a long way. 

You push me up against the back wall, pluck a piece of my hair and tie the ends together. 

I am always laughing, your hand on my mouth can’t stop it. 

I bite down like I said I would. 

I find a way to not exactly lie. It got me this far like a raft that’s letting water. 

You dig it up, cut me open. 

Yeah, it’s bloody. Leaves my mouth stained. 

I have listed the ways that I love you and they’re all bad. 

You would fucking love the taste of this blood, this is not like the last time. 

I don’t promise anymore because I just don’t know. 

You don’t know either, you’re telling a very long joke and you always will be. 
If I could sink inside of you I’d stay. I feel like a galaxy, stars popping off in space. It hurts. 

I’m bleary, you take my skirt home early.