I’m sorry I am

Sorry I am

Leaving and not soon enough I guess. 

Leaving you to it. 

Leaving myself where I dropped down in the dirt. 

Couldn’t stand up to it anymore. 

Had to bite the bullet but it wasn’t enough. 

Here’s another bad poem with very little action. 

Your hand can stay on my leg if you want, as long as I’m still here. 

You can pick over the offered pieces of me because we both know that I am not all here. 

You can go out like you came in. 

I made myself consumable. 



Easy enough if you don’t want a damn thing. 

You already figured out that my open sign stays on even though I’m gone. 

You got lucky with my unlocked door and now

I love you like a bellyful of acid. 

Can’t help myself, it eats me from the inside. 

Bite-sized, easy.