“what would I say?” poem


Made spaghetti my first semester here, what if George Zimmerman’s blood clot hurts her life on the first two chapters of my American Renaissance sexual way…

Just told Elliott my past two years of school, those credit hours still count against their faith, but only 230?

I think of two years facing the gauntlet of the bad.

Sometimes, the moments are really ‘cut back of this whole thing.

it’s a beautiful, dreary day

The problem comes from me, but I don’t die of grey goose for you!

Elliott’s my last math word problem, and try to grade 600 page worth of amateur film papers on the gravity plan.

I’m so jealous of this morning cause I drink too.

I didn’t have HOPE we can tell I’m kind of old or older than the colorado shooting. I tried to schedule my whole apartment to her.

People get carried away with us.

Weirdly enough, this is sad because she’d win.

Gonna continue getting messed up when we’re coming.

Really want to go back to women who don’t see my 5day weekend.

Nothing goes ‘did he cheat on you?’

I didn’t realize I have no reason?

That’s when I’m with him while he begged for his life.

The problem comes from it.

It is the perfect midnight snack.

I didn’t and the weight loss has my carnival story yet.

I think we all four got what she deserved to dalton.

There was caught completely unfounded. I missed one.

A nice heart is breaking.

I’m so much better than Christmas, older than Christmas, go for my brain. I just want to go there so they are suffering hate at least I’ll have us.

Going back to work in my sunny, quiet bedroom listening to amazing music and drinking.