Ellie 1/4

Ellie dropped her cigarette and stepped on it as she walked out across the sun-bleached parking lot. There was just one car, a boxy little brown one parked at the far end of the lot. She looked up. 

A thick gray cloud was rolling in over the last light of the day. To her left, the streetlight hummed on and threw down a greenish glow that diffused quickly in watery afternoon sun. She could see the driver in the car ahead of her turn in his seat to watch as she walked up. When she got close, she leaned down and pretended to fuss with her shoe. She heard the tiny whirring engine of the car window as it rolled down. 

The guy’s round face loomed like a moon out of the car’s shadowy interior. He peered at her without speaking, his little black eyes following her closely.

“How are you today, honey?” she asked, strutting over to the window and leaning her elbows on the car door, sticking her head inside. 

Through the windshield of his car she saw a police cruiser turn down the street beside the parking lot. She froze for a second, her legs trembling, her eyes on the car. Then she yanked the car door open and dropped inside.